It is our ongoing purpose for D.C. Johnson & Associates to provide a stable, family friendly workplace for our employees that offers opportunities for satisfying work, personal and professional growth, a pleasant work environment, and adequate, dependable income. It is our intention to conduct our business in such a way as to demonstrate to both our clients and our employees the integrity of Christian values.


We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate because of age, sex, ethnic background or religion in hiring, employment, pay or advancement. We require a high school diploma or GED as a condition of employment. We are committed to a safe and healthy workplace. We employ a Drug Free Workplace Program, which includes drug testing. Since we require our field personnel to travel to job sites to perform most of their duties, we expect field personnel to maintain a valid Florida Drivers’ license, and that their driving record show not more than five points in a three year period.



We recognize the long term benefits of attracting and retaining quality employees. We offer compensation packages that are competitive in our area. Starting salaries are based on experience and education, and employees are encouraged to improve their skills and increase their value to the company.



Employees over the age of 21 are offered the opportunity to participate in our Profit Sharing Plan. Contributions to the Plan are made by the company, with none required from employees, although employees may make personal contributions to their accounts.



Full-time employees (over 25 hours per week) are eligible for Group Health Insurance, life and disability insurance. The company pays 75% of the monthly premiums for employees’ health and life insurance, and 25% of the premium for dependents, 50% of the disability premium for the employee only. Employee share of the premiums for all insurance plans are paid through payroll deductions.



Depending on length employment, employees are eligible for up to four weeks paid vacation. We also pay for seven annual holidays a year.




We may assist Professional employees in keeping current with CEU requirements. We also encourage and may assist non-registered personnel to improve their technical knowledge through participation in continuing education, participation in FSPLS seminars, or college level job related classes.


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